Thursday, September 06, 2007

Haven't we moved beyond this?

First off, I am no fan of 1) Republicans, 2) politicians from Idaho, 3) people who want to deny gay Americans rights, or 4) hypocrites. So let me express that Sen. Larry Craig, R-ID, is not my favorite guy.

Nevertheless, I can't help wondering what fucking century we are in when the people of Minnesota are paying the police to go undercover and bust men soliciting sex in airport restrooms.

What the hell? If I wanted to have sex in a public place, it would definitely be somewhere cleaner, but hey - aren't we constantly hearing about how understaffed and underfunded our law enforcement agencies are? And our supposedly limited tax dollars that are allocated to them are being spent this way?

What good does this do? Really, Minnesota police, I'd like to know.

It must really suck to be the cop assigned to that beat. Worse than giving parking tickets, I'm sure...imagine their dinner conversation.

Spouse: Honey, how was work today?
Cop: Same old, same old. Except you'll never believe who wanted to suck my dick in the stall today: a gay-bashing Republican senator from Idaho!

I suppose the good thing is that if all of these homophobic Republicans get outed, the number of Republicans in office will definitely dwindle. :)


Jessica Foster said...

The sad thing is this just shows how harmful it is for people to be closeted. If only more people could just live the life they were meant to and celebrate who they truly are. I wonder if Craig has lied so much to the world that he actually believes it himself. He needs a good shrink. I don't know what the motivation is for the undercover work, but I suppose if people just want to use a bathroom for, well, going to the bathroom, they shouldn't have to be around that. If I was a father I wouldn't want to take my young son into a public restroom where sex-- gay or straight--was going on.

jrwoodchuckette said...

Good points!
For that matter, I don't want to hear anyone having sex in the bathroom (alone or otherwise!)

Just curious, how did you find my blog? Thanks for reading!

Jessica Foster said...

It's simple, I read the blogs of people in "Communications or Media." Generally, we're the ones who know how to write. I like to read what writers write when they're not being edited, when we're free.