Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ah, the joys of ghost writing.

Once in awhile, we ghost write quotes and other things for authors at work. This week, however, oh joy of joys, I got to write a review. To do this, I had to read a book written about an inflatable doll.

And I had to TRY TO write the review from the point of view of a horny 41-year-old, motorcycle-riding author who thinks Jack Kerouac is a hack, has sucked the toes of one of my co-workers and told her he wants to fuck me. He's a good writer, and I've had some interesting correspondence with him.

*Edit note: The key word is TRY. I may have failed completely.

I was embarrassed enough to write the review because - well, it involves an inflatable doll - but then I thought, to hell with it! I'll share it with the rest of you:

As an author who blends humor with social critique, I was interested in AUTHOR's first work of fiction (he has written some 25 works of nonfiction.)

Newly paroled valet (CHARACTER) is a Los Angeles 20-something who's simultaneously disgusted and intrigued by the celebrities whose cars he parks at a five-star hotel. In an attempt to inspire jealousy in the girl of his dreams, he creates - and makes headlines with - a life-like inflatable doll personifying an aging but sexy actress who is staying at the hotel.

Instead of backfiring, (character's) ploy lands him his dream job, endless cash and booze, and a contract to be arm candy for the actress, Ms. CHARACTER, whose breasts are almost as pert as her ego. What follows is a hilarious romp involving silicone and superhero underwear; the cast of characters ranges from a Hungarian bellhop to a celebrity-stalking couple in a Winnebago.

Even though he's slightly pathetic at first, I found myself rooting for (CHARACTER), who embarks on this adventure in the interest of getting into a beautician's pants. (Haven't we all had that urge? Regular pedicures will do wonders for any relationship.)

A hilarious read, (BOOK) is also a clever poke in the eye at celebrity culture, as well as America's intrigue with the famous and infamous.

Let me warn you in advance, however, that the only guy who gets laid in this book is the partner of the inflatable doll - but it's not who you think.


Darth Weasel said...

wow, even when you don't like something you make it sound like a great book. just took a break to read this from another project, but now I think my lips are recovered, so I am off to...oh, never mind

Jessica Foster said...

"whose breasts are almost as pert as her ego"
PRICELESS. Love that.