Wednesday, August 08, 2007

One more disqualifier

I should add one more question to the survey for prospective authors:

Do you quote a theologian/zen master/philosopher, aka YOUR CAT, in your religious manuscript?


If you answer yes, please go hide under your couch and never come out. And forget about sending a SASE with your manuscript, we will just BURN it.

* A NOTE TO THE UNINITIATED READER: I am not making this up.

We also have two books, by two different authors, about disabled reindeer.


Leslie said...

Will that inspire a new Christmas song? Percy, the paraplegic reindeer?

Darth Weasel said...

I always wondered what sort of career "theologian" was anyway. Do they just sit around staring at a few words until suddenly, inspiration strikes, the rise, stretch, yawn, and move over to the window to contemplate this new marvel? I gotta say...kinda does sound like a cat.

and I would totally listen to "Percy the Paraplegic Reindeer". Hilarious.

leftcoastbob said...

Just disabled reindeer or do the authors write about gimpy giraffes, woebegone woodchucks, or pterydactils with erectile dysfunction?

Inquiring minds and all that...