Monday, February 18, 2013

Do you know where your shoes have been?

They know I'm blogging about it - how could I not blog about it?

I met someone for lunch today - two someones - and we started in on girl talk and shoes. (This was weird to begin with, because I never do that, but Someone #1 liked my shoes, commented on them, and I apparently wear the same size shoe that she does.)

She said, "If you ever have shoes that you don't wear anymore -"

You're expecting the rest of the sentence to end like this:

"...I know a great charity."

Or this:

"I'll totally take them off your hands."

But it ended like this:

"Well...let me tell you when we're seated and there aren't so many people around."


It turns out that Someone #1 has a friend supporting a partner who is disabled. She works full-time but has a totally anonymous, totally legal business...modeling shoes. In photos for foot fetishists. People actually pay this person quite a lot of money simply to take pictures of her feet in certain pairs of shoes and send them the pictures.

Clearly I'm in the wrong line of work.

I think this person must also wear the same size shoe that I do, but I was too surprised to actually know someone who has a friend that does this to take much in.

And as luck (or perversion) would have it, there was a bag of shoes in my trunk ready to go to Goodwill.

Someone #1 said, "No way! These will be PERFECT! You're supporting a good a way."

I said, "Just don't tell me what happens to them."

So you know how sometimes I feel like my life is a sitcom? More and more, it seems like it's becoming Portlandia.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL....! This is Hilarious and wonderful, too! Why Not? I hope you gave her some of those Good Will shoes!

Lynn said...

You must wear stylish shoes! (Not Naturalizers or Merrills, like me.) :) No - I didn't see that coming - but glad you could help out the cause. Ha!

wigsf3 said...

There was an amazing episode of King of the Hill in which Peggy is coerced or tricked into making foot fetish videos.

I'm telling you, the foot is the ugliest part of the human body.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm sure it's a niche market but what the hey? Your shoes will make someone very, very happy.

Holland said...

Why not??? LOLOL I can almost your expression when she told you this...

Cheryl said...

I think it would be fun to have a life like Portlandia. My life is rather like the kitty in the shoe picture you posted.

Who knew??? I probably don't have modelish feet but maybe people that have foot fetishes don't need perfect. I know so little about so much.

Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, your shoes here. You run in an interesting crowd.

Granny Annie said...

My shoes are usually in pieces when I am through with them, but know of anyone who would like my granny panties? Even Goodwill doesn't want them.

Claire said...

I love the random stuff you get up to, sweetie!

Rock Chef said...

Never understood the foot thing...

Riot Kitty said...

Naomi: I gave her all of them!
Lynn: Funny enough, one pair wasn't so stylish (IMO), but the other wasn't too comfortable. Then again, this person only has to wear them for a picture.
WIGSF: I suppose it depends on whose feet.
Debra: True...I just told them I didn't want to know any details!
H: Yeah, I had to pick my eyeballs up off of the table. Not because of the job, but because of the way it was presented as me doing a good deed!
Cheryl: I'm sure there are entire magazines dedicated to interests I don't know exist...the rest of the day was normal ;)
CG: Thanks! Moments like that, I start to wonder.
GA: I'm sure there is probably a website that does want them!
C: I can hardly believe it myself sometimes.
RC: Me neither. But then, there are a lot of things I don't understand (or want to.)

The Elephant's Child said...

And I thought I knew all the lines from people wanting me to donate to their charity. Though mind you, since she is paid for her work (and I hope well paid)...

Rock Chef said...

Good point!

Riot Kitty said...

TEC: Good point! That was a new one for sure. And I heard it was well-paid.
RC: Well, you know where I live ;)

Adam said...

love the kitty picture

G. B. Miller said...


My co-worker told me about a friend of hers who dated a guy who had such a serious shoe fetish that he would be her new shoes, just so he could admire (among other things) her feet.

As Spike Lee would say in those old Nike commercials:

"Gotta be the shoes!!!"

DWei said...

Go on eBay. Search men's socks. Look at what people are selling/buying and for what prices.

You're welcome.

A Beer For The Shower said...

And to think, my old running shoes that have seen hours upon hours of sweaty, grueling running could actually be worshiped by someone. I need to make some money off of this.

Riot Kitty said...

DW: Am I going to be scared?
ABFTS: See, this blog is even a public service in some ways! And yes, I think there's probably someone out there with a sweaty running shoe fetish. Not kidding.

Riot Kitty said...

Come to think of it, I just chucked a pair of old running shoes. Silly me.

Riot Kitty said...

Adam: Me too!
GB: He would BE her new shoes?

Betty Manousos said...

why not? this is hilariously hilarious.

i never understood the shoe/foot fetish...we live in a culture where almost anything goes..

i always love your ever smart and quirky posts.