Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things I like Thursday

Swiped this from Claire.

Number one thing I like today: the event is over, YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!

Number two thing - and I like this every day - laughter. As you know if you've read even one post, I love to laugh, and to make other people laugh.

As you may also know, I work with two relatively non-communicative guys who (I think) are pretty straight-laced. (Who knows. They may be wild men on the weekends, but if they are, I don't want to know.)

So imagine how hard it was not to laugh last night when I walked up to them - they were figuring out the a/v - and heard my boss say to my co-worker, "I just wish I had a couple more inches."

Yeah, he meant inches of room for the screen, but...


LL Cool Joe said...

Oh how your mind works!

I thought of you the other day. I had a workman here in the house and I said to him "If you want me I'll be up in the bedroom".

Fortunately, he didn't take me up on my offer. :D

Lynn said...

lol. :) I'm so glad your event is over and that it went well.

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...


Your work stories always make me laugh.

Granny Annie said...

Only you:)

Mike_D said...

Love hearing you laugh!!!!!

And it's fun to make you laugh!!

Scarlet said...

Hahaha! You sure they think the way you do, mi'ja? We're not ALL perverts! (Just some of us...) ;)

Riot Kitty said...

Joey: Haha! Happy to inspire perversion.
L: Thanks! So am I.
LDML: Good :)
GA: I know...and Scarlet too!
Mike: Thanks :)
S: Los dos de nosotras, for sure.

Phạm Minh Tâm said...

( Thank blog for you great - )

Shionge said...

LOL :)
Laughter is the best medicine and it is contagious which I like :)

Green Tea said...

Lucky I wasn't there I probably would have said..Your wife does too: !! :0

Riot Kitty said...

S: Exactly.
GT: OMG! I should have thought of that.

John McElveen said...

Haa Haaaaaaaaa-- If Laughter IS truly the best medicine-- then you are

Not that I know pain meds! Prophanol!

Love ya!


Senorita said...

LOVE the LOLcat !

Just wanted to let you know that my block is currently on lockdown while I look for a new job. I will let you know when it's back up, but I will still be by to read and leave comments here on your bloggy blog.

Senorita said...


Riot Kitty said...

John: You crack me up!
S: Let me know!

Claire said...

Your work stories beat my work stories hands down.

But soon, we can swap them in person!!!


Anil P said...

So much more fun it'd be to 'drop' in on the snatches without knowing the context :-) :-)