Friday, September 23, 2011

I see London...

Well, I'll just say it - YAY! Coming through Chicago was actually pretty smooth. I managed to stay up longer than I ever have in my life - about 36 hours - but our bags were waiting for us at the airport (even though they went to Dallas by mistake, some nice person rushed them on - thank you), I had the best iced mocha I'd ever had in my life at Heathrow, no traffic into London, great hotel, and nice night.

We're staying in Kensington near the V&A Museum, which I love.

We had dinner at an old standby that we found years ago because it was near the hotel where we were staying in Covent Garden. Then we went to see an Agatha Christie play that I've seen and read and still managed for forget who the killer was.

And best of all, I found my friend K's request for "the tackiest present I could find" right away, in the first shop I stopped in.

They're salt and pepper shakers and say "I Love London." The salt and pepper holes are in the heads! My friend said, "It could only be better if they were doing it!"

I told her that Mr. RK could probably arrange something like that with Fimo clay...

PS I just saw as I published the post that the netbook is still on US West Coast time. It's actually 7:45 am here Saturday.


LL Cool Joe said...

Love the salt and pepper pots!

And you brought the sun with you! Well done!

Have fun!

Lynn said...

It all sounds so lovely. I loved Covent Garden (my traveling companion kept calling it Covert Garden, making Londoners smile.) :)

Those salt and pepper shakers are great. :)

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

Have a great time!!

Scarlet said...

I stayed at the Kensington Hilton back in the late 80s. It was an amazing time! Loved Piccadilly Circus, Harrod's and Hyde Park! Will you be taking the train at Waterloo? Loved that ride to Windsor, too!! Miss it!!! Have fun as I live vicariously through you. :)

PS - Those shakers are awesome, btw. LOL

Shionge said...

Whooohoooooo RK!!! London London..I love London :D

Remember to try their scampi (prawns) which is my favourite and you must, must must give it a go ok :D

John McElveen said...

Yeah--well we got free HBO and Skinemax this weekend! So there- World traveler!

(Glad your bags caught up with ya!!!)


Granny Annie said...

This is getting exciting now that we know you can keep up with you blog while traveling.

My ceramic statues were always in trouble with the kids and their friends as I would return home to find the statues posed in obscene positions. They could do a lot with those salt and pepper shakers.