Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post #600, Or, truth is dumber than fiction.

So yesterday I got a call from one of the informational directories updating our contact information.

Him: "And are you still at (our old address)?"
Me: "No, I have a new address to give you."
Him: "Why, did you move?"
Me: "Yes, that's why we have a new address."

I kid you not. Someone is paying this person a salary!

And last week at our writing group, we had a couple of other groups going at the same time in another room. One of my group participants asked, "Why can't we just close the doors?"

She had walked past the doors...which were off the hinges because the doorframes were being redone.

Still, I very patiently said, "We can't close the doors because they're off the frames right now, because of the remodel."

Once again: "But why can't we just close the doors?"

I really wanted to say, "Because I don't like you, that's why."

Every once in awhile I wonder why I quit drinking!

And yes, there *are* lolcats for just about everything.


Lynn said...

Funny - sometimes people just don't think things through, sounds like.

I like the lol cats. :)

G said...

I agree, there are lol cats for everything. I have that website crawling in my news feed on Facebook.

And as for your writing group participant, you are a goddess of patience, because I probably would've said something to the effect of, "BECAUSE. THE. DOORS. ARE. OFF. THE. HINGES. WHAT. PART. OF. OFF. THE. HINGES. DON'T. YOU. UNDERSTAND?!"

I'm not even gonna touch the directory assistance because that would probably evlove into a Bob Newhart style comedy sketch.

Talha said...

Dumb yes really dumb. Yesterday I was watching TV and a ancor was asking people that how come an aircraft take 1 hour 30 mins to go to certain place but it returns in 90 mins only, People were full of silly logic but no one bothered to convert 1 hour 30 mins into ......... 90 mins.

Granny Annie said...

Simply invite her to stand in the doorway and act like a door.

Aliceson said...

I love your lolcats and your observances of facepalm worthy people. 600 posts!?! Congrats to you!

Claire said...

Congrats on 600! LOLCATs make me chuckle endlessly!


skyewriter said...

Congrats on:
1. The first 600
2. The next 600 :)
3. Being kind enough to that poor addled-brained person who doesn't get that doors need hinges...


Green Tea said...

You quit drinking because it not only makes us eat more and gain weight..Oops..that
s weed
You quit drinking because it kills brain cells..Nope that's weed too..

Hmm because it made you sick???? :0

Riot Kitty said...

L: Or listen ;)
G: I want to see the sketch!
T: Seriously? That is hilarious!
GA: That would have been perfect.
A: Haha! Thanks.
Claire: I am glad! I love making people laugh.
S: :)
GT: Because I hadn't entered the nonprofit world yet ;)

G said...

Oh yeah, I completely forgot:

Congrabulations on reaching 60% of a Key with your blog.

Riot Kitty said...

Thanks G!

Manpreet Kaur said...

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John McElveen said...

RK--Let's get Cards printed up with Here's your F'ing sign on them! We can split them, because I swear I'm hitting more and more stupidity head on everyday!

And it's not just my WIFE!!!

OMG! Did I say that?

Hugs gal,


Anonymous said...
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Darth Weasel said...

I just want to thank my parents for giving me the jeans, the Academy for giving me the award, and Boycott American women for illustrating your point