Friday, January 07, 2011

Happy birthday, Mr. RK!

Today is a significant birthday for Mr. RK. He's 29.*

I have a host of activities planned for this weekend, and I've been spoiling him all week. Unfortunately I am sick as a dog so at the very least I won't be singing.

Please feel free to wish him a happy birthday!

And here is the one moment a year I get mushy:

Mr. RK, you are the love and light of my life, and I hope to celebrate many more birthdays with you.

*Numbers in this post may not be accurate.


Lulú said...

You cradle robber! ;)

Just kidding, I know you're a young one!

Happy Birthday, Mr. RK!!

G said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. RK!!!

Hope you're getting spoiled beyond rotten today.

Who says a May-December romance isn't a good thing? :D

Senorita said...

Happy Bday to Mr. RK !

My blog went private for a couple of days, I will take it public again in a couple of days. I got published in the SJ Mercury News today and don't want people finding me at my blog.

Darth Weasel said...

well, cougar, I hope you are feeling better by tomorrow.

and hope his bday brings him everything he wants.

excepy a willoughby sequel

Lynn said...

I love that you are mushy with Mr. RK - and how nice that you are spoiling him this week. I hope you feel better!

Green Tea said...

How sweet, hope Mr. Riot Kitty had a great birthday..:)

LL Cool Joe said...

Happy Birthday to the hubby!

Is my piece of cake in the post? ;)

John McElveen said...

MR RK!!!

Happy Birthday- and here's to many many more!



Riot Kitty said...

Thanks everyone! I have hopefully spoiled him lots this weekend.

Claire said...


Hope it has been a brilliant weekend!


PS I *heart* nom nom nom kitteh.

Shionge said...

Yo...Happy Birthday MR. RK!!! For a moment I wanted to say "WOW, how young only 29!!"....Then again...never mind, it is only a digit so long as we feel young & positive...we will be young forever.

Yes, I'll swing by to send my greetings :D

Cake Betch said...

Tell Mr. RK Happy birthday. Justin is turning the big Three Oh this year :-)

HiFi said...

Happy Birthday Mr.Rk! Haha, these pictures are so adorable.