Sunday, September 19, 2010

Top 10 Sunday

The lovely Claire wrote a neat post about some of her favorite things, which inspired this post. I have been writing so much for work and a volunteer writing group that I facilitate that I've been a slacker at writing at home.

Anyhow, here are my top 10 (G-rated) that come to mind:

1. Fall, before the rainy season starts. A crisp, clear, sunny fall day with just a bit of a breeze. New York's Central Park is the perfect place to be on such a day, with foliage turning red and orange.

2. Iced mochas. Sucks because I can't have much caffeine (it makes me hyper, achy, and anxious) but when I do have them, my latest favorite is at a local cafe here. Nom nom!

3. Cafes. I mean good cafes, where you can sit back and chat with friends without watching the clock. Cafes with old furniture and local art for sale hanging on the walls and espresso shots pulled by hand. I love sitting in this kind of place and people watching when I'm on vacation.

4. Vacation! I love my job, but it can be emotionally intense sometimes, so I equally love breaks. One rule for myself: I never watch the news or read the news, even though I am an ex-reporter and a news junkie.

5. Reading. I especially love reading and snuggling with my cats and Mr. RK when the weather is nasty.

6. Stationary. I come from a Hallmark family. I love writing on interesting cards and paper, and I probably write more actual letters than anyone I know. The writer Erica Jong says that writers are good correspondents because it gives us an excuse to put off writing what we actually have to write, and I'm inclined to agree.

7. Children's books - good ones, funny or warm and fuzzy, not the kind that are dumb and talk down to kids. I have written one such book (not to brag, but I know what I like and I wrote it that way) and am working on another.

8. Color. I work in a mostly residential neighborhood and when it's nice out, I love talking walks and peering at some of the most amazing flowers. I am intrigued by color in art, in nature, and even in other people's makeup. Oddly enough, I usually wear black and other neutral colors and hardly any, if any, makeup.

9. Laughing. I love to laugh - I think it really is the best medicine - and I love to make other people laugh, too. Usually, when I send a sympathy card or a get well card, I try to send one that will give someone a lift. (See related LOL cat above.)

10. Just about anything from the UK. My family is a mix of Irish/European/Apache ancestry, but I've never felt as at home as when I've been in England. I am an anglophile for sure.

How about you? I tag you if you want to be tagged.


Fireblossom said...
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Scarlet Ily said...

Your family mix is so interesting, and like you, I love the fall...and cool cafes that serve pumpkin chai (and don't kick you out when you overstay your welcome)!

PS - Now that you tagged me, I'll just HAVE TO do this. Ugh! ;)

Darth Weasel said...

on a completely unrelated note...Moonstruck Tuesday?

Riot Kitty said...

FB: That's not nice! There are a lot of nice people there that don't deserve to be drowned...although one bitch in particular does.
SI: What do you mean ugh? No tienes que hacerlo :)
Darth: That should be good!

Lynn said...

I love to laugh, too. And you do send the best cards! (reference to #9)

(My verification word is "gothess"

Mama Zen said...

I true, old school diners. I always feel at home in one.

Riot Kitty said...

L: Thanks, Gothess ;)
MZ: Oh, I *so* forgot that! I miss that about living in NYC.

LL Cool Joe said...

A good take away curry and an ice cold beer and any rap or hip hop music channels. All at the same time.

Jen said...

I miss getting real letters on real stationary. I didn't think anyone did that any more.

Claire said...

Loving this list :)

Quite sad that Fireblossom wants to drown me and my countryfolk, however. Sad times. :(


Riot Kitty said...

Joey: Now I want Indian food!
Jen: I know, so do I!
Claire: I'm sure she wouldn't drown you...or Joey...right FB?

Fireblossom said...
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