Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rest In Peace, Eartha Kitt

She was sexy and successful as all get out, but did you know Eartha Kitt was an activist for voting rights, HIV/AIDS awareness, and spoke out against the Vietnam war?

She was just awesome...enough said.


Scarlet said...

She was more like Wonder Woman. ;)

I need a costume like that!

JLee said...

She was one of a kind, for sure.

vivavavoom said...

so sad...BEST PURRRR around and wonderful woman! RIP!

Claire said...

Such a legend.


Green tea said...

I loved Eartha Kitt..I always thought
my Auntie Lo looked like the white version of Eartha when she was young..She had the same eyes..
I loved it that she spoke her mind about the Viet Nam War at a luncheon hosted by Lady Byrd Johnson.
It may have hurt her career, but she was my kind of Lady..

LL Cool Joe said...

I had an argument with my mother yesterday about Eartha Kitt. She said she looked just like Yoko Ono. I said they looked nothing like each other at all. It's amazing what we manage to argue about.

Great voice, and another great loss.

Anonymous said...

Yoko Ono? In height maybe, but that's all.

I've just been rewatching some of Eartha's work as Catwoman. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I wished I could have been near my computer when the news of Eartha Kitt's death was announced. I am still in disbelief!