Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Holiday card etiquette and alligator-hunting Republicans

I've blogged before on family and how I believe we create our own.

I don't think blood is thicker than water - because I get along so well with my (step)brother. I think of Mr. Riot Kitty
and the cats and myself as a rather neat and tidy, loving family unit.

(Case in point from my little bro: we went to see Nine Inch Nails Sunday night, and I told him that I had finally found someone - Trent Reznor - who said "fuck" more than I did. His reply: "You'll have to work harder, then.")

And there are definitely family members with whom, as my dad said, I can't possibly share any DNA...

Which brings me to holiday cards.

I am sending out personal ones with photos of our catley children to friends and family, but I bought a box of "peace on earth" dove-type cards today for another category of people that I'd like to send cards to, but not ones that are as personal as signing off as, "Love, Earl Grey, Lucky, Mr. Riot Kitty and Riot Kitty."

You know - volunteers and board members I like working with, etc.

Is that weird?

And then there always comes the question: do you have to send holiday cards to people with whom you theoretically share DNA, but don't really care for?

My unofficial rule is that if I receive one, I send one back...

We were discussing this at the bookstore tonight when I was ringing up.

Bookstore employee: "You know the cards are buy two boxes, get one free?"
Me: "There aren't that many people I like."


Me: "Really. One side of my family are alligator-hunting Republicans."

This sent a couple of customers near me into frantic giggles, but it's true! I couldn't make it up.

What do you think? Who do you send cards to this season?


Shionge said...

This is so interesting RK and every year I send Christmas Cards to all my overseas friends and very close one living here in Singapore.

Not so much for family members surprisingly because being Asian, we celebrate our Lunar New Year on a larger scale.

Scarlet said...

Never to family members because we see them often and they get kid pics yearround.

What's funny is that I buy two types of cards, too...ones for my sick humor friends and others for more conservative pals, like my ex piano teacher. The last thing I want to do is offend someone with a holiday card.

Btw, I love what your brother said to you. Sounds like something someone close to you would say! :)

Darth Weasel said...

or you could be a complete slacker like me and send cards to...well...nobody. Call me the Grinch. No, really, call me that. I like it. Actually, I think he was modeled after me but toned down to make him more believable.

Meanwhile, I am pretty sure my co-worker drops the f-bomb more than anyone I have ever heard. Typical (censored) conversation from tonight.

"I smurfing worked at a smurfing farm, smurfing big smurfing farm. All smurfing kinds of smurfing tractors, smurfing trucks, smurfing big smurfing equipment, amm smurfing types. Smurfing drove a smurfing tractor, smurfing tip back smurfing like smurfing this, smurfing all day just smurfing driving the smurfing tractor. And..."

I think he could tell the same story that took him about 10 minutes in maybe 30 seconds if he just removed the f-bomb and feces references from his conversation.

Granny Annie said...

What kind of card do you have for a TPOF (Tolerant Patriot of Faith)?

I have my cards spread out all ready to send and you've caused me to rethink the entire process.

P.S. I have a friend who can beat you with the "F" word. Wanna take the challenge?

Green tea said...

Reminds me of my favorite sister in law now gone to the great beyond..she always told us we were 11 on her 10 card list..and as soon as one of them died we'd get a card.. :D

pheromone girl said...

Aah. The old "Who gets a card" discussion. We used to do personalized cards with pictures of the kids, doing funny stuff. Kind of the photographic equivalent of the Christmas Letter.

Then, one year, I really went all out and we wrote a little book. The Elf Who Lost His Cookies. The kids drew pictures, we had hysterical fun and we mailed it to everyone we knew.

Now, of course, everyone expects some wildly creative card every year. The 99 cent box of 25 with pictures of polar bears will have to suffice, though, in '08. Maybe next year we'll do a joint card - dress our pets up as Santa and elves.....

Riot Kitty said...

G: hahaha!
GA: Yes, I'm up for it!

G: Holy shit, I have to see that book!

Shionge: I'd prefer to celebrate something less commercial like that.

Scarlet: On the contrary, I'd love to offend someone with a holiday card!

DW: Is your coworker related to me?

Misty said...

HA I love what you said in the store. I sent to friends and family and whoever sends to us..but am slowly getting tired of the card thing!

leftcoast said...

I have lots of shiny and colorful ornaments on my tree, but the one that reflects my feelings for the holidays the best is meticulously done in needlepoint and spells out that age-old holiday sentiment:


And oh, yeah--it was hand made as a holiday gift by none other than Riot Kitty.

Mike D said...

As a wise man once said,

"Family don't end with blood, boy!"

D said...

I send them to a handful of relatives and friends. Two boxes of cards and I'm good. I have a sibling who sends cards to people she hasn't even seen in years. I believe her Christmas card list is the reason why the post office has yet to go bankrupt.