Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sweet spot

Today, I'm taking a break from sarcasm, venting, and abusing Republicans...not ALL DAY! Gasp! Just for this post :)

I am so proud of my sibs this week! My 29-year-old brother just got his writing accepted into two publications (!!!), my 12-year-old brother got a poem published in an anthology of poems by young American students, and my little sister turned 8.

I wrote her this e-mail - warning! You might be nauseated by the sweetness:

Dear Little Riot Kitty,

Good morning and happy birthday! Mr. Riot Kitty and I hope you have a wonderful day. If you were here, the cats would want to sit in your lap and share your cake and ice cream!

When I was 8, my favorite ice cream was cookies and cream - it's still my favorite, actually.

Have a great birthday!

Love, Your big sister

And I received this reply - and she really does call me Kitty:

Thank you, Kitty! I read it myself!!!
I love you, I wish you were here!!
When I was seven my favorite ice cream was Sweet Cream from Cold Stone.
Now that I am eight it is still my favorite ice cream!


vivavavoom said...

that is awesome....keep it in case she ever has a kid(s)...or just even for you guys to look back on someday and laugh and smile. it is very ice cream!

Scarlet said...

You left me craving ice cream!

Your messages back and forth were very sweet. Happy Birthday to Tracey!

Misty said...

totally sweet..:)

Darth Weasel said...

hey, every so often it is nice to have something totally sweet in your life!

Green tea said...

That is so neat about your siblings.

I am with Scarlet... I want some Ice Cream too..