Thursday, September 04, 2008

Speaking of - or from - experience?

From a good (and liberal) friend:

I just read this about the importance of Sarah Palin's experience and I snorted coffee through my nose:

"Because having experience is like having an unusually large penis. I mean, it's a neat thing to have, and in some situations it might come in handy -- but it doesn't really matter all that much and if you keep waving it in people's faces, they will generally run away."


J said...

Oh Kitty I love your friend, I am sending that quote out to all my
McCain leaning friends
What most of them don't want to remember is their little Bush Guy
was a Governor and look at what he did to this country.
What else can we do to stop those jerks from winning again?

Green tea said...

J is me :D

vivavavoom said...

Take it from this size queen: Size is important but if you don't know what to do with it, it becomes very annoying, very fast!

Claire said...

Bwahahahahahahaa. Best politics quote I've heard all week! :-)


leftcoast said...