Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Reason #1,243 that copy editors just plain SUCK: they write headlines. Shitty, inaccurate, totally fucked up headlines that reporters get blamed for.

But once in awhile, they get called on it - hence a friend's letter to the editor, sent to a paper where I used to work, that has been ravaged by corporate greed and cost-cutting in all the wrong places:

The headline on page A5 of today's paper (June 3) reads:
"Vandals: The road they should have took".
It should probably read:
"Proofreaders: The employees The Daily News should have kept".


Scarlet said...

LOL - You should check out The Miami Herald!

JLee said...

I see it all the time here with the writers in the newsroom. Dumbasses. ha