Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kitty in the city

So this is my last post until at least the 25th, as I am off to NYC to meet up with family and see friends from NYU and that era - including Mike D, who I haven't gotten to see since 2002!

Looking forward to Cafe Lalo, the Met, Central Park, and a belated Father's Day lunch in Little Italy (did I ever tell you there is NO really good Italian food in Portland?)

Wish me a safe trip back (albeit with tired paws) - I hate flying - and I promise to bring back plenty of rants, raves and funny stories.


vivavavoom said...

Oh man....I LOVE Cafe Lalo...deadly desserts. I use to live a few blocks away from it on 83rd and Columbus. I miss NYC. Have a great time!! if you want an amazing museum experience, go to the Cloisters. Take the bus all the way through Harlem east side, and it is the last stop!

Scarlet said...

I am going to live vicariously through you. Have the trip of a lifetime. Kiss Miss Liberty for me. ;)

Mr. Riot Kitty said...

Have a really really great relaxing safe trip. I eagerly look forward to your return!

Riot Kitty said...

Thanks everybody!
V: I LOVE that neighborhood - although I remember there being absolutely no pay phones there! - and have been to the Cloisters and love that, too! You have good taste.

S: They're pretty gay friendly, so that kiss should be just fine ;)

Mr. RK: If you weren't looking forward to my return...well...I do have a vibrator ;)

Darth Weasel said...

have a safe trip. and after your last line...keep watching your mailbox for a bill from my eye doctor

JLee said...

Hope you're having a blast!! xo

Green tea said...

I hope you are having a blast Kitty.
can't wait to hear about your trip.
I checked out that youtube link you left in your post.
So Funny..and I actually know people like that..:D

Claire said...

Oh man, I hope you are having the best time!