Thursday, June 05, 2008

Girlfriends, gay rights and RFK

So my friend Chella got an awesome review for her zines, which are basically an answer to male-dominated, self-hating propaganda about the female reproductive system...check it out.

Chella (as she is known to her zine friends) is one of these people who has known me since I was a complete and utter bitch, and loves me (I think) still.

I wanted to post about her for quite some time now, because she and Sarah are getting married on the 21st - because although she's American, they're in England and they can - and people, the fucking sky isn't falling because of it!

I was proud to be a Californian (albeit a transplanted one who was born in the Midwest) this week when my home state told attorneys general (all GOP fuckheads, mind you) to stuff it and went ahead and kept their very sensible ruling that two people who are in love and want to commit to some kind of legally binding agreement should be allowed to do so.

Take that, homophobic separatist GOP motherfuckers!

It's also been a day to reflect because one of my personal heroes, Robert F. Kennedy, was killed 40 years ago today.

Think about how many people are saying Obama is inexperienced - did you know that during his run for the presidency, RFK was just 42? I wonder, would he be sneered at today? Would he be dismissed as being part of a political dynasty, as some have said about Hillary Clinton?

If experience were the most motivating factor, it'd make sense to vote in Cheney/Satan 08!

Does it count for nothing that a person has the ability to make people hope, to dream, to unite?

It is beyond sad when I think about how the country could have been different - really, really different - if we'd had RFK instead of Nixon, and ANYONE instead of Bush.

It's so hard to think about what and whom we might not have lost during that and the current administration.

In times of crisis, why is the first casualty always common sense?


leftcoast said...

I blame Hillary for the rift between her supporters and Obama.

A lot of the Clinton supporters have been listening to her for so long that they have taken what she has said about Obama to heart. The GOP even have a new ad out--starring Bill & Hillary.

When your candidate says things like this:

"There is no time for speeches and on-the-job training. Senator McCain will bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign. I will bring a lifetime of experience. And Senator Obama will bring a speech that he gave in 2002."

it's hard to switch gears and get behind the guy who only has a speech to bring with him to the White House. That statement really makes it sound as though she believes that the only two competent candidates are McCain and her.

And those "3 a.m." ads were complete crap. That ad begs the question, "How much foreign policy experience did a governor from Arkansas bring with him to the White House?"

Darth Weasel said...

the "what could have" thing is always tempting but also dangerous...look how much (misplaced) reverence many of the most strident civil rights activists and anti-war people still have for JFK...the same guy Martin Luther King Jr. raked over the coals for his indifference to Civil Rights IN ACTION, including his famous speech indicating civil rights "died on the battlefields of Vietnam", hence his critique that Kennedy should have gone into action, not lip service, the same JFK who expanded the Vietnam War exponentially in a way no following President ever did, the same JFK elected in no small part through his gangster-associating (and, arguably, dominated) Fathers shenanigans that were highly illegal...who doubts Joe would have expected recompense? and so forth.... I once was in a P.S. class where someone was arguing what JFK would have done had he lived. Irrelevant. And unprovable. There is not one scrap of evidence to show he would have flipped 180 in what his actions were. We know what he DID do and, by what he DID, outside of the Cuban Missile Crisis he was an unmitigated disaster. That is not to say Robert would have been...but going on "if" is dangerous. See Gore, Al...IF he had been elected, that too would have been disastrous as one of the most hypocritical, disingenuous human beings of the last century would have been guiding official policy...if his work since then has been any indication.

The only real hope is the future, getting into power a group who actually works for the general good and has the courage to stand up for what they believe. So far, that is none of the above...

Claire said...

Great, great post sweetie. And I'm so proud my country is pro-same sex marriage. The UK fucks up frequently, but on this I'm a happy bunny :).