Sunday, May 18, 2008

A walk to remember

So Friday we found out that Barack Obama was making an appearance across the Willamette River - on our walk route.

The City of Portland said, No problem!

Today, that "no problem," changed to, "bwahahahahahaha!"

The walk was almost canceled by the Secret Service five minutes before we cut the ribbon and people were going to start walking.. I am not kidding.

Would you believe that the Secret Service made us redo our route? Yes, of course you would - power and money do that, you know?

Try telling 1,500 mentally ill people and their families, who have been looking forward to this walk for A YEAR, that would be no walk? Well, I would have been flayed alive. We did have the emcee, our board prez, tell them in the nicest way possible that there was a sudden change in route - And we found out 5 MINUTES before the walk began! Everyone took it OK, though. Talk about relief.

And to THINK I just put one of his bumper stickers on my car. It's the first time I've put a political bumper sticker on a vehicle, actually. I have been tempted, of course, to print up some "SMALL DICK ON BOARD" stickers on huge SUVs, speaking of stickering...

Amazingly, I have heard from a lot of people that they had a great time. I credit the cookies and ice cream, which were kindly donated.

I am taking tomorrow off and getting a pedicure - and then, my life back!

Thanks for being patient with me, all of you, and sending good thoughts my way.

Riot Kitty

PS Extra big hugs to Mr. Riot Kitty, who took 350 pics at this event and was so patient with all of us...and can you believe, he took a picture of some guy's cute dog, and then the guy SOLICITED HIM FOR SEX! WTF?

And we had this one unregistered walker show up (see below). I don't think he raised any money, either. All I saw were a few nuts.


Darth Weasel said...

congrats on the successful walk.
can you imagine the public relations nightmare there would be if the mainline press found out about the little route incident? Don't take this wrong...but it would be much ado about nothing. I mean, the scheduling conflict could hardly be considered something Obama was aware of...or even should have been aware of...but I am willing to bet someone, somewhere, would turn this into a huge deal.

Maybe someday instead they will donate that energy to finding solutions instead of dispensing vituperation. After all, vituperation and calumny are the realm of knaves and know, people like me.

Scarlet said...

Great pic at the end, the squirelly one.

I'm glad everything got straightened out and no violence erupted. :)

Congratulations on the done good!!

JLee said...

You've got to be kidding me! That is so rude changing the route at the last minute. Your husband must be hot for random guys to try and pick him up! lol

Mr. Riot Kitty said...

Great job on the walk. Everyone I know is very proud of you.

leftcoast said...

Good job on pulling off the walk!

I'd leave the Obama bumper sticker on the car, though. The change of your route was hardly his fault.

Foster Communications said...

Congrats on the walk! I'm sure it will help!!

I hate it when people get on power trips, I don't care who they are!