Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I just got Lucky!

Lucky the cat, that is...the name came with the kitty.

He spent almost 2 YEARS in a shelter! But Monday night he came home with us.

He seems to be the reincarnation, personality-wise, of Rocco Klein, the kitty I lost last year on Memorial Day (I swear he did that on purpose.) And he looks like a cross between Rocco and Sev. Eerie!

He's a sweetie!

He and the Fluffy White Fuck just stared and sniffed at each other for awhile, but seem
to be doing OK together.

I miss Sev and Rocco terribly, and this isn't meant to replace him, just to add a little catley happiness to the house. Because honestly, having the FWF is sort of like having a muppet...only no one has their hand up his ass. (Mr. Riot Kitty came up with that one.)


vivavavoom said...

LOL....Fluffy White Fuck...LOL!! I love that name. Should make T-shirtts with the intiala and klet others guess what it is. Like how people thought KMFDM stood for Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode.

cute new kitty...glad he found a great home.

vivavavoom said...

omigod...I cannot type at all...I am turning into my father!

Claire said...

Eeeeeeeeeee! Too cute for words!


JLee said...

He is cute!! He is also lucky to have a new home :)

Scarlet said...

Mr. Riot Kitty should write for TV. :D

I'm glad you added a little joy to Lucky's life. He's a cutie!

Darth Weasel said...

Mr. Riot Kitty has a sly sense of humor and must stop depriving the world of it or we might have to consider turning HIM into a Muppet...though you would have to be the Muppeteer, sorry, but I doubt anyone else will volunteer...

Foster Communications said...

You know I loved the name Fluffy White Fuck. Gettin' Lucky just seems to make sense!!! :)

Green tea said...

Your just to crazy for words..
Fluffy white..ff ff ffuck! :D

I needs a laugh this morning..