Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just come out already!

OK, easier said than done.

What are the odds that two Republican politicians from Washington state, whom I've interviewed (I used to cover politics at a newspaper), who were both anti-gay, and both voted to deny GLBT citizens the basic rights that the rest of us take for granted, WERE BOTH OUTED AFTER SOLICITING OR HAVING SEX WITH A MALE PROSTITUTE? Am I a bad luck charm for them getting caught or something? ;)

One of them was apparently a crossdresser - which blows my mind because he had no fashion sense to begin with - and told police he gave a 26-year-old male model money "because he felt sorry for him." Right. This guy (who will remain nameless, because I don't see the point in dragging him even further through the mud than he has gone already) told me in an interview three years ago that all services and money should be denied to illegal immigrants and their children - who are, hello! American citizens - so I can't imagine he's a real generous gent. Certainly not the type to hand out C-notes to gorgeous younger men because he felt sorry for them.

What disturbs me the most is the fact that these people feel like they have to hide their true identities, and are seemingly self-hating to the point where they are virulently anti-gay. And anti-self, consequently.

I hope at some point I can talk to younger people and say, "Our society used to discriminate against GLBT people, can you believe that?"I hope I'm not too much older before that happens. While I live in a relatively progressive state, there are other states whose elected representatives have suggested banning GLBT citizens from teaching school, etc. Not that it's bad enough to deny them the most basic of civil rights on a daily basis.

So fellow closeted Republicans, come out, come out, wherever you are! Your party will have to begin accepting you if you come out in droves.

Or perhaps that won't leave the party with any members, which would be fabulous.

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leftcoastbob said...

He gave money to a gay prostitute and then went to his hotel room and had sex with him and yet--let me see if I have this straight(maybe not the most appropriate word to use, I know)--he gave the money to the guy to "help him out", not to pay him for sex.

What alternative reality does he live in????