Sunday, June 24, 2007

Assaulting victims and the First Amendment

Explain to me who made Jeffre Cheuvront God.

This Nebraska judge has surely made his state proud by banning the word "rape" in his courtroom.

Or explain why the fuck we are still stuck in the "blame the victim/she asked for it/let's err in favor of the accused rapist" mentality, OK?

I'm sure Cheuvront's decision to censor the witness and her choice of language pleased the attorney, one Clarence Mock, defending the man accused of rape, Pamir Safi.

Especially this part fucking pisses me off:

"It's a legal conclusion for a witness to say, 'I was raped' or
'sexually assaulted.' … That's for a jury to decide."

Oh, sorry asshole - if someone breaks into my house and shoots me, I'll
just say, "Someone entered my house and fired a bullet my way which may
or may not have hit me."

How the hell can a judge control the First Amendment, mind you?

And how far back into the dark ages have we gone?

Why stop here? Why not return to the days when marriage was a property contract into which fathers sold their daughters; why not go just two or three decades back when women who actually had the guts to come forward and report sexual assault were told that either 1. they were asking for it because they looked or were dressed a certain way, or 2. that they were too ugly for the assault to have occurred. (Yes, this really happened, people. Try reading "Backlash" by Susan Faludi or "Moving the Mountain" by Flora Davis for more lurid details.)

Or we could simply remove this idiot from the bench.


leftcoast said...

Also, what did they say when they read the charges against this guy? Isn't it prejudicial to charge the guy with rape in the first place?

Darth Weasel said...

I have to admit in this case I am kind of curious why she figures it is rape when A) she has "no memory" of the evening events and B) when she told him to stop he did. It seems possible that, while drunk, she was okay with it, then when she came to her senses...err, overcame the alcohol effects she figured out it was a bad idea. On the other hand, if there were drugs involved (the "date rape" drug) the guy should be castrated, so there ya go.

leftcoast said...

And as far as the blame-the-victim mentality, this happened recently in Multnomah County:

Leslie said...

How ironic. "Sexually assaulted" was coined to be the less charged term for rape. I wonder if the victim -- excuse me, complainant -- would have been allowed to say "against my will" after she said "sex." Final thought: A rape victim would never run down the street screaming, "Help! A man had sex with me!"