Monday, April 16, 2012

Fishnets and stilettos

Mr. RK came home today and said, "I have a funny story for you." I need laughter like I need water, especially after having been sick, so I said, "Yes?"

It turns out there was a training at Mr. RK's work today for his group. The trainer, he tells me, was a dead ringer for Ginger from Gilligan's Island (or, so I am told, live porn for those who like her look.) Or at least how she looked when the show was on. I am not sure where Ginger is now.


Ginger is some higher-up at the company. She has worked there for 12 years. What did she wear to the training?

Fishnet stockings.

Six-inch stiletto heels.

And a dress that barely covered her rump.

"And apparently," Mr. RK says, "she has always dressed that way."

So put aside the rampant unprofessionalism of this, put aside your questions (OK, my questions), such as, "Why has HR never told her this is not appropriate work attire?" (Why should they have to?)

Just picture a group of nerds that usually sit in the back of the room, all in the front row.

That must be even better than getting a Victoria's Secret postcard in the mail. Those things royally piss me off. If I am the target market, why do I want a close-up of someone's butt and a look that says, "Come fuck me"?

Mr. RK says, "You're probably not their target market. 'Come fuck me' is probably their target market."

It just pisses me off. Particularly because the most recent ad I saw said "SALE" right over her ass.

Meanwhile, I won't be asking for her to come train anyone in my office. They'd just drop like flies.


G. B. Miller said...

We have women at work who frequently dress exactly like they were going clubbing.

The fortunate thing is that they have the assests to pull it off and make the men drool like high school freshmen.

The unfortunate thing is that as soon as they show off their inner self to the world, the world famous appropriate clothing memo from HR comes out and almost to a T, we all start guessing who it was that made the porn star fashion faux paux.

To quote a lyric from that great Barnes & Barnes song:

"Eat them up, yum!"

Claire said...

Oh noes, dedded kitteh!

I'm impressed anyone can work in 6 inch heels.

Jeannie said...

Ahh, people who don't understand how to dress modestly. I had gone to the trouble to actually state the assets I did not want to see displayed in my tanning salon (we got enough assholes thinking we are a front for a brothel) yet one woman in particular did not let the memo hit her brain and continued to wear things that displayed her push up bra. Yes. On purpose. Like the thong or underwear band above the waistband of too low slung jeans, her cleavage and underwires were on view for everyone. Turns out she was really stupid and also dishonest and was fired after her first day on her own so I didn't have to be a nag.

wigsf3 said...

She dresses like that because she wants men to sexually harass her. She can then use the threat of a law suit as a bargaining chip to get promotions and such.
Or maybe she's willing to sleep her way to the top. Some women are subject to a glass ceiling while others are lying atop the glass bed.

Lynn said...

I guess those guys all stayed awake for the training then. :)

Marnie said...

I disagree when women dress like that in the workplace. I'm a business owner and I need to be taken seriously. Leave the fishnets for the clubs. However as one previous poster mentioned, she could be dressing like that for anterior motives.

Now with all of that being said by me, IF you are going to dress like that PLEASE have the figure to do it. I once worked with a lady who dressed like that everyday...but she had 40 pounds to loose and things were hanging out that never should have been. I just loved how her belly-button ring was displayed via her muffin top...memories.

LL Cool Joe said...

I tend to believe that people should wear what they want, even if it's totally inappropriate. Now you see why I don't work for a company? :D

Riot Kitty said...

G: You crack me up! What I really don't understand, though, is what that is OK at your work but saying someone's outfit is "interesting" gets you a verbal spanking? I think I would have been fired from your place a long time ago.
C: I am impressed with anyone who can WALK in ANY kind of heels! It is beyond me.
J: Seriously?! That even tops this. At least she wasn't showing lingerie.
WIGSF: I really would like to get inside her head for a moment, that's for sure.
L: Yes, and drooling!
M: Tell me about it!! On both counts!!
Joey: Haha! We're very casual at my work but if I came to work dressed like that...well, I work with two straight (and narrow) men who would probably pass out. If one of them came to work dressed like that, it would make things much more interesting.

Workingdan said...

When women dress like that at work, it's a love/hate thing. I'm a guy who enjoys some eye candy occasionally. But c'mon! It's work for crying out loud!

I see it all the time, these slutty women. They get promotions and special attention simply because of how they look. They may not have a clue how to do their job, but dressed as a whore, I'm sure they can find some weakling of a man to do the job for them!

Granny Annie said...

I'm pretty sure I agree with LL Cool Joe. To each his or her own. If I had the figure for it, I would probably dress like her too. And if men promote me because of my looks, am I the problem or are the shallow men who dream of F-ing me the problem?? This is also an area where we women shine as our own worst enemies.

Anonymous said...
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John McElveen said...

I did Mary Anne one time!

How are you feeling? Dumber? You know that was so 3rd grade I had to go there!

Feel better, OK.


Anonymous said...

Women like her make me feel terrible about myself. How could I ever feel adequate next to a bombshell when my jeans have a mustard stain on them, and my boobs are two little peas. But good for her and her self-esteem.

Oh, and have plenty of chicken soup. All chicken soup, all day.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH, your life never ceases to amaze me! this was great!

but dressing like that is something you would more commonly see in movies, not in real life. some chicks need to tone it down, and not set the bar even higher for others around them to meet!

Riot Kitty said...

WD: That sucks. Luckily I've never worked in a place where dressing like a streetwalker meant getting ahead.
GA: Yeah, it's like a Catch-22. Problem is not having as many women as men in charge to begin with. But don't get me started!
John: BWAHAHAHA! I am dying to know what the Mary Anne comment means. I'm actually doing very well, thanks for asking ;)
NV: Well that sucks. Because my theory is women who have to flaunt it all the time must think they have nothing else of value to offer. I'm a vegetarian, btw, it's been lentil soup ;)
C: It amazed ME!

G. B. Miller said...

Two words: double standard.

A Beer for the Shower said...

I've worked in the construction industry for years. If a guy ever came in wearing fishnets and heels, I think there might've been an altogether more awkward situation. Sorry I can't sympathize;)

Riot Kitty said...

G: That sucks, but you're totally right.
ABFTS: That would be hilarious! Tell me that wouldn't give you material for the blog. A book, even. At least a short story.

The Elephant's Child said...

I can only assume that the people in the organisation who have the hire/fire power over this woman have testosterone issues. Heels of any variety I don't play.
However, I really stopped by to say that your avatar rocks and that my cats (Jazz n Jewel) are jealous.

Mike_D said...

I was always a Mary-Ann guy myself. The Professor looks like Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four should look like.

Unfortunately, I've never worked for anyplace where women dressed like that! Some girls came close, and they were rocking the tramp stamp!!

Riot Kitty said...

EG: Seriously! And thanks for stopping by.
Mike: I've heard a lot of guys say that...I think Ginger must be a little intimidating.