Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Then something went BOOM!

Do you remember that line in The Cat in the Hat, "Then something went BOOM!" ?

That about sums up my morning.

Never again will I take a week off and then return as the lone employee in the office.

I get in - early! - no one there to see it. This, after a week and a half prior to vacation where there was a fucking car accident or stall every single day on the way in or the way home.

We have 10 voicemail messages. About half of them are from someone who my boss says "has issues," but who is sane enough to hang up on us if we answer the phone, and leave profane, abusive messages to no one in particular over voicemail.

Another message from someone who called yesterday (a holiday) yet claimed she called and left a message "four or five days ago." (You forget, madam, that we are in the digital age.)

A few minutes into this, and in the space of about 30 seconds, my volunteer calls saying 1) she won't be in, 2) something about her cat attacking her, 3) something about how her doctor is an asshole, 4) she will be in, 5) something involving the word "urinary." TMI, folks, TMI!!

Then the lights go out.

Then my friend texts saying his wife left him.

Then my boss walks in to do payroll and he's all kinds of tired and grumpy, coming in during his vacation.

And the day just went downhill from there.

I had more calls today than I typically have in a week.

A couple of samples:

"I have (a certain type of) illness, and you work at a place that helps people with (this type of) illness, and I'm starting a national web site. So you should send out some press releases for me."

"I'm in a graduate program studying (topic.) So I want to come in and watch a group session of (topic.)" I explain that we are not a service provider. I explain what it is that we do.
"So you don't have groups on this topic? So what is it that you do?"

And mind you, I'm running on four or five crappy hours of sleep, since I stayed up late during vacation.

Oh, while I'm venting - I am sick of seeing stories about Newt Gingrich being an insensitive, egotistical prick. That's news?


LL Cool Joe said...

But think about it, if you hadn't gone into work, you wouldn't have had this funny blog post to write!

Granny Annie said...

Yea, what Joe said!

Claire said...

Gah, what a day! Hope your week improves, sweet girl.


Lynn said...

I hope this morning is better! And I hope Newt Gingrich doesn't get elected president.

John McElveen said...



Then--Drink some more--it's only gonna get worse!

Hope I cheered you up!


She turned me into a Newt? Well, I got better!

Riot Kitty said...

Joey and GA: True. Glad I could amuse you all!
C: Thanks, me too!
L: He won't ever get elected. He's his own worst enemy. I just wish he would go away, because he's irritating. And I ask you: how does he keep finding women who want to sleep with him/ EEW
John: I don't drink :( I have a coffee though!

G said...

And then there are days that no matter how annoyed you sound on the telephone, people...





Riot Kitty said...

G: OMG! Every day of my life ;)

John McElveen said...

Duh--Then you drink!!! Do you CHEW coffee??? And just when I think she gets a Leeeetle smarter LOL!

I don't drink either-- ;-)


A Beer for the Shower said...

So, uh, we wrote a book about the Internet. And your company *uses* the Internet. So, can you, like, make a press release for us? Thaaaaanks. :)

Darth Weasel said...

People and phones are just a bad combination. Oh, and they are often not much better on email...heaven forfend you should ask two questions in one email and get replies to both...that is too complicated.

Wait, this is your rant. Sorry, orgot myself, too busy agreeing with you

Riot Kitty said...

John: I will try chewing coffee and let you know how it goes ;)
ABFTS: Of course!
Darth: Such a good point! And your rants are always welcome.

Ashley and Stephanie said...



Riot Kitty said...

A&S: Did not see it...

Senorita said...

What a sucky day, especially when you volunteer with the public. It's usually a thankless job and you don't do it for recognition, that's for sure.

Scarlet said...

Hoping your 2012 is full of laughter and good times!! Thanks for all the jokes and funny stories and heartfelt posts, amiga! You will always be one of my favorite reads!!! ♥

Riot Kitty said...

S: Actually, I did get paid ;)
Scarlet: Ditto!

Green Tea said...

You have to have the patience of a Saint to be in your job..
I remember one time when I was doing some get out the vote phoning and I got this drunk on the line ..he wanted me to explain just how much good it does for him to vote;;we are suppose to be polite and neutral..but I so wanted to tell him to fuck off..finally I just said are you there ?? a coupe of times and hung up.