Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Does my car make me a jerk?

I've always had small cars, even though I've always wanted a muscle car.

Some funny stuff has happened since I got the Mustang:

1. Far fewer people are rude to me in traffic.

2. A few people now seem to go out of their way to be rude in traffic...presumably because of the Red Menace. Like tonight, this idiot in a Toyota actually sped up to prevent me from merging. I had nowhere to go. Had I been in the Saturn, I'd have had to slam on the brakes and panic, but - hahaha - who was he kidding? He was not going to beat me. As Mr. RK put it, "Vroom vroom and fuck you ;)"

3. I feel like I have to make it clear that I got a good deal on the car, because I'm kind of embarrassed to have a car that makes people say, "Wow! Nice car!" So even though technically it cost the same as a Toyota Corolla, I wonder: Does my car make me a jerk?

Awhile back, WIGSF wrote a blog and mentioned that what people drive can make statements about them (yes, if you drive an SUV big enough to house a small nation, you are probably a prick.) So I wonder, what does the car say - or seem to say - about me?

A. I like fast cars (true.)
B. I have penis envy (not true.)
C. I am flashy (not true, but one of my friends made a joke about it since it's a red car.)

FYI, one of the lunch ladies at my high school cafeteria, who was probably in her late 60s at the time, had a 5.0 Mustang. How's that for defying stereotypes?

I've just changed the car, not me. But it's interesting to see how that one small change can stir things up. And if you'll pardon me, now I'm going to go envy some penis.


LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha I think a car says a great deal about a person! I drive 2 cars, my new red jeep and a boring black "big enough to house a small nation, you are probably a prick" Chevrolet Captiva, which takes 7 people. In fairness we got it to drive our ageing parents around. Not that we ever have.

I've noticed that people react totally differently towards me when I drive the different cars.

Lynn said...

The lol cat made me lol! :) I could see your fun red car standing out in a crowd - but I don't understand someone deliberately not letting you over to merge. That's just whack.

G said...

I'm not sure if people react differently to me when I drive. I do know that they act differently when I'm a pedestrian, but that's a whole different issue all together.

I look at it this way, I drive like a thug when the situation calls for it, no matter what kind of car I'm driving.

Well almost. If I'm driving a stae vehicle, then you can bet your sweet bippy (Laugh-In for those who are too young to get it) I drive like a little old guy who drives 35 miles under the speed limit.

Anonymous said...

The Official WIGSF Guide to Jerk Cars

1) White Cadillac Escalades are exempt from stopping at stop signs.

2 a) Audi gives a $10,000 discount to anybody willing to push an old lady down a flight of stairs.

2 b) Free upgrade to deluxe edition if you urinate on the old lady as she writhes in pain at the bottom of the stairs.

3) BMWs are not equipped with turn signals.

4) Tricked-out minivans are just giant Costco/Sam's Club sized douchebags.

5) Hummer is the most appropriately named car. [wink wink nudge nudge]

6) French cars are like French people, they stink.

Riot Kitty said...

Joey: LOL! I understand large vehicles when it comes to people transport. In my neck of the woods, people usually purchase them just for sport.
L: Just whack just about covers it. And yeah, I loved the lolcat!
G: HAHA! I do that when I'm driving anyone else's car. Drive like a little old person, I mean, not drive like a thug ;)
WIGSF: Very accurate...funny thing is, Mr. RK loves Audis. I wonder if he'd have to become a prick upon purchase.

Anonymous said...

*stares in disbeleif at a good safe distance*

Riot Kitty said...

AK: You can come closer ;)

A Beer for the Shower said...

You need to get the scoop on some good underground street races :)

Robert Tres said...

$10,000 is an awful lot of money.

Riot Kitty said...

ABFTS: And does Bryan have this info as well? ;)
RT: Decisions, decisions.

Granny Annie said...

Who knew that lunch ladies had penis envy too? Oh Riot Kitty you can drive whatever you want and take Mr. R.K.'s advice and say, "Vroom vroom and fuck you".

Riot Kitty said...

GA: Hahaha! I plan to.

John McElveen said...

I walk barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways. Yes, it makes you a biyatch--I'm sorry--that wasn't a choice was it!?

I Love the picture and am so happy you got a car you love!

That's what it's all about anyway isn't it! That You are happy with it!

Good post RK! Drive on!



Darth Weasel said...

I have noticed the same thing. Funny thing is, 90% of the people who do that "speed up to prevent the merge" have 1 of 3 things; University of Oregon paraphernalia on their car, Raiders paraphernalia, or Obama bumper stickers. Watch for those 3 things...the drivers with any of those three items tend to be rude, dangerous drivers at a much higher rate than the general population

Riot Kitty said...

John: Haha! Thanks.
DW: Interesting! I hadn't noticed, but will look for that. My boss is a huge U of O freak btw.