Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chew on this

Those of you who know me know I'm thrilled that Connecticut's top court has thrown out its ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional.

Some of you may not agree with this - and although personally, I think if you're against gay marriage, don't have one, consider the argument that Justice Peter Zarella made against allowing same-sex marriage:

He argued that argued the real purpose of marriage laws is to regulate "procreative conduct."


How many of you want the government to regulate your decisions about whether or not to have children? I'd say all of the conservatives, liberals, and in-betweens that I know are formidably against Big Brother telling them that they should or shouldn't have kids.

Zarella continues:

"If the state no longer has an interest in the regulation of procreation, then that is a decision for the legislature or the people of the state and not this court."



This argument has also been used by the Washington State Supreme Court.

Think about it.

Using that argument, my marriage isn't valid, because the only pitter-patter of small feet we have in my house is that of our kitties.

What about people who don't want children? Or can't have them?

One thing I know for sure - I want the government to stay out of our pants.


Darth Weasel said...

the State of Oregon refers to children as "the greatest resource of the state" and says parents only care for them in trust...the claim being the children actually belong to the state. They can take them away from the parents at will.

There is a reason so many of us demand the right to bear arms because I can tell you, if I had kids and the state tried to take them, there would be a body count.

Anything the government gets involved with is disastrous. No lawmaker should be allowed to sit in the Congress or in state government without taking and passing with 90%+ a comprehensive test covering the contents of The Federalist Papers, Common Sense (and bizarre as parts of it are) and other key writings surrounding the thought process of the guys that wrote the Supreme Law of the Land. Maybe then they would stay the smurf out of stuff that shouldn't concern them instead of becoming the most repressive government this side of the Nazi regime.

Mike D said...

The government makes me feel all special that a bad touch?

Yeah, CT!

Mike D

Misty said...

YAY FOR CT!! I am so glad about this..and i agree with you whole heartedly!

Green tea said...

I so agree..
Stay out of my life period..
Last time I was on the phone I heard a click.( probably a short in my line).told my friend it was probably the CIA listening in on our boring phone call.
So I said
"If anyone is there call me later and I'll pant into the phone for you"

Riot Kitty said...

G: Hahahaha!