Saturday, October 04, 2008

And to make you laugh

Scarlet asked in a post for everyone's most embarrassing karaoke moment (isn't that redundant?) I have never done karaoke. Short of that, she asked for our most embarrassing moment in general.

Ah, so many to choose from, so little time to type.

I had been looking for a good blog idea for please join me in the comments section with an embarrassing moment of your own.

One of the (many) embarrassing moments in my life - when I was a reporter covering energy policy, we had an editorial board meeting with some high-ups from the Northwest regional Dept. of Energy people. One of the guys who was their PR guy I hadn't seen in awhile, and he had done his hair differently.

So I blurt out in front of editors and all of the federal muckety-mucks, "Hey, Ed! I like your new hair!" I forgot to add "style" to the end of "hair."

Everyone stared. The room went silent.

He said, simply, "Same hair."

And then, thank god, someone started our meeting.


JLee said...

That may be more embarrassing than karaoke ;)

Scarlet said...

I love this story and I think the guy with the hair was probably more embarrassed by that comment than you. :)

Darth Weasel said...

The fact people purchase karaoke machines is embarassing enough...

I think most of us have the "so many to choose from" thing. Like...

Mom & Dad had been talking about the younger brother of a lady coming over. I was about 7 or 8. Well, when our friends arrived, the conversation had been going a while and I wanted to participate.

So when the brother's name was mentioned, I decided to contribute by referencing something I had heard Mom & Dad say when they did not realize I was listening.

"Oh, is he the one with the sticky fingers?"*

* "Sticky fingers" is a euphimism for theft

Green tea said...

I have had so many..

How about making 2 dates in one night and trying to find a graceful way to get out of one of them.