Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why can't you just keep it in your pants?

OK, I *hate it* that a Democrat has gotten caught up in a sex scandal...because despite evidence to the contrary (including evidence that has forced several Republicans to resign), Republicans are, of course, piping up and playing pious...

And a disclaimer: I think prostitution should be legal. Only because it would create a safer environment for the men and women (mostly women) who are in the sad (in my view) position of selling themselves for money. No moral judgment on my part.

I also know that some people are uptight about sex, and many marriages/partnerships/relationships suffer from this.
That said...
A tip for the uninitiated: Don't run for public office on an anti-corruption platform and gloat about busting a prostitution ring when you're paying $5,500 an hour for a call girl.

And is it just me, or are the rest of you just sick of the wives being hauled out to press conferences to stand by the asinine guys who were dumb enough to get caught with their dicks where they should not have been? Then these asshats "apologize" to their families and most of the women (including the wife of the mayor of Detroit, who got ensnared by sending some 14,000 text messages on public phones to his mistress) say, "Oh, I stand by my husband."

No, you are letting your husband publicly walk over and humiliate you. That's why it puzzles me that people see Hillary Clinton as a great big feminist.

Yeah. Not my business, but you know what? I sort of feel like it makes the rest of us look like inane Tammy Wynettes who are fulfilling the 1950's stereotype, standing by our men.

No one I know would do that. I mean, hello! And in the case of this gov's wife, here she is sending a message to her three teenage daughters that this behavior is OK in a relationship.


I asked my husband last night, "How the hell do you think he explained the situation and then got her to go to that press conference?"

His reply: "I imagine he told her what was up, then she got out a pair of scissors, and he'll never get them back."


Darth Weasel said...

The real question is...will he resign because he did something wrong or because he did it in such an egregious manner?

as for why she would stay...well, hard as this might be for some to believe, it MIGHT be fear...fear of the unknown, fear of being alone. money and power are nice but isolation is a powerful fear for many people. From the outside it is easy to look on and say what we would do but, speaking from experience, I can say after you live with someone for x number of years you get used to having them around, so to speak, and sometimes it is better the devil you know than the one you don't. And I would imagine in middle age the fear of living the rest of your life alone might be even more powerful as a motivator.

Speaking logically from outside the situation it is easy to say we would not be that way yet, as you know, when in that situation I DID stick with someone through multiple ah, indiscretions...and a lot of it was some, not all but some, of the motivations seen above.

I do not mean to justify her sticking with him or anything like that...just to explain a POSSIBLE rationale.

On the other hand, it could be something like the S-man suggested or could even be a stalling tactic while her lawyers prepare to hit him where he really lives...the pocketbook.

Or she might be Britney Sr....

Foster Communications said...

Is it only me, but holy crap, who knew hookers brought in that kind of coin! No one makes that amount of money an hour!!!

Green tea said...

The minute I heard about this, I was going to do a post..but as you know
( thanks for your thoughts) this week is way to busy for me to give him a second thought.
But I have added his daughters to my prayer list.

vivavavoom said...

I agree with everything you wrote! And honestly, he should be out of office, not for getting a prostitute, but for paying $5500 an hour. he is obviously not good with money.

Riot Kitty said...

Not good with money! Bwahaha!

leftcoast said...

Whether she dumps him or not is a private matter--as was pointed out, there are reasons for staying which we, who are on the outside looking in, don't know about.

What I don't understand is that she literally stood by him while he made his farewell speech. That she would allow him to victimize her (again) by standing next to him and putting herself on display for public humiliation is waaaay beyond anything I can comprehend.

What she could have said was, "You got your entire family into this humiliating position without our permission so if you want someone to stand next to you at the podium, perhaps you should take $550 out of your share of the assets and RENT that woman to stand there."

I think that most of the country would have cheered had she done that.

JLee said...

This kind of thing is getting ridiculous. It does chap me too how the women support them. You're right about it sending the wrong message. That is unforgivable in my opinion and I feel the same way about Hillary.