Monday, November 06, 2006

A little levity

Sick of getting e-mail forwards? A solution was so forcefully, yet eloquently written by a friend of mine that I just had to post it:

Dave--what have I done to piss you off?
I have politely asked you not to send me your xenophobic, inaccurate forwarded emails, and yet you continue to do so.
I have demanded that you refrain from sending me this crap--at one point I even called you a racist--to which you wrote back and said that you are a bigot, not a racist and continued to forward every racist, or sexist email that you came across.
I've tried refuting them, I've tried shaming you, I've tried everything but threats. You've left me little choice, Dave. DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE OF THIS SHIT OR I WILL BE FORCED TO TELEPHONE YOU BETWEEN 2 A.M. AND 5 A.M. TO LET YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING SICK OF IT I AM!!


Darth Weasel said...

Who forwarded you that?

(I kid, I kid...)

Leslie said...


leftcoastbob said...

He's still not speaking to me.