Saturday, November 11, 2006

Election results

I'll be as diplomatic as I can about this: fucking YAY!

I hope every ousted GOP member of Congress woke up Wednesday, Nov. 8, singing, "So lonely..."

Now here's a simple message for you Democrats: Please don't fuck up. This wasn't a mandate for you; it wasn't a mandate for social progress, sadly, as anti-gay measures passed in seven states. Primarily it was a fuck-you for Bush, the war, and the over-reaching of overly zealous right-wing, Constitution-shredding, environment-trashing, irresponsible, scandal-ridden corporate whores.

So please! Get us out of Iraq. Make progress on some of the civil rights we've lost. Give us some of the respect back that we've lost from the international community in the past six years. Because millions of us will want to commit hari kiri or move country if there is a GOP president in 2008. This country simply can't handle anymore.

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