Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More grumps

I appreciate that in this part of the world, we all need a little pick-me-up to get through the dark-early, often gray and rainy days that seem to last forever.

I don't dislike Christmas. I do, however, hate how the entire month has turned into a retail free-for-all.
If I wanted an excuse to hit someone, I could find plenty. I don't need to go to Wal-Mart and fight over something on Thanksgiving evening.
So, I typically avoid 1. shopping for anything that isn't absolutely necessary and 2. being social any more than I have to be during this month.

That said, there is plenty more to annoy me. Such as:
  • People who ask, "Sooooo, finish your Christmas shopping yet?" and don't like it when I answer that we only get presents for people under the age of 18. Everything else we donate to charity. More often than not, people give me a frown and say, "Ah, that's nice of you," and change the subject. Next time, I'll stand up and yell, "Fuck you! I'm Jewish!" Some of my family is also Lutheran, but how the hell would they know?
  • People in the Portland metro area basically don't do any fucking work between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.  I know they're not all on sabbatical. What gives? Why do I get a flood of emails Jan. 2? I kid you not, it happens every year. Apparently thumb-twiddling is very popular this time of year. 
  •  People who I barely know asking, "So, what are you doing for the holidays?" I want to reply, "Having a sex toy party. Would you like to come shop?" 
And we all know that winter is a hard time for those of us who either have seasonal depression or flat-out fucked up depression like mine. Being in a workplace where we are trying to let people know it's OK to ask for help, I am tired of people saying they're depressed/anxious/etc. "but it's not a mental illness, it's different."

Tip for the unitiated: NO IT FUCKING ISN'T.  Your brain doesn't compartmentalize like that. It doesn't say, "Hey, sexy! You're going to be anxious today, but it's really coming from your liver. It's not a mental illness."

It's not all bad, though. I do make homemade gifts during this season (see above and below. I'll happily make one for you!)


Elephant's Child said...

I do love you when you have your grump on. And can only say Right On!!!
All I want for Christmas is Boxing Day, when the fuss is over and some semblance of civilised behaviour can return. Fortunately I get this gift every year....

CraveCute said...

Lutheran and Jewish?
Happy Hanukkah - Lutefisk Day!

Charles Gramlich said...

I tend to get two big floods of work , one right at the end of the fall semester, and one right at the beginning of the spring. Folks either wait till the last minute, or try to get in good and early. I'd much rather it be spread out a bit.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Would you make one for me? Please? As soon as I saw it I wanted one and then you offered. It would be the best gift for me.
I will say this. Last year I had my Winter Solstice/Resentment box and I have it again this year. It is the most meaningful thing I do in December aside from looking at the little ornaments my kids made from when they were little. I think everyone should have a Winter Solstice/Resentment box.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, nice cross-stitching! And you know, I haven't been to a Fuckerware Party for ages -- let me know when yours is, okay?

Dexter Klemperer said...

Love the idea of not getting presents for anyone over 18. One of the great things about email is the realization that no one does any work from Thanksgiving to New Years. I used to feel guilty (well, a little) about not doing anything but with an empty inbox, I finally realized nobody is doing anything.

Abby said...

I feel much the same. I get tired of adults acting like children (not in the good way) at this time of year. I put lights in all our front windows and told my husband it's to celebrate the solstice. All that's missing is one of your homemade decorations. When's the party?

Lee said...

Hahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh, RK.

I think all the loonies hit the shops at this time of the year...and the after-Christmas sales....but not me. I stay well away from it all...not only at this time of the year. I hate crowds and will never understand the panic and the greed shown by some people.

It's too bloody hot here at present to get excited over presents or anything else. Move an inch, and I become a sweat-ball!

Oh...and in case you're wondering I'm not going anywhere for Christmas, except probably to the bathroom a few times, nor am I going overboard...it will just be me and my two furry rascals. And that is the way I like it and want it.

Oh...and by the way....have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? And what have you planned for the holidays? :)

Damn! I didn't mean to ask that...they just slipped out! :)

Lynn said...

So did you give those gifts you made to someone under 18???? Just wondering. :)

People here seem to shut down in December, too. Although we've had a lot of work thrown our way the last week from people trying to use up there budget. (I guess.)

Love that I'm not a robot thing. :)

Rock Chef said...

I hate it when people who normally ignore me suddenly wish me a Merry Christmas...

lotta joy said...

I get pissed off all year round, so I'm a politically correct "fuck it" person: usually depressed, don't like people, kind of sweet ol' lady. Always have been. But "have you finished your xmas shopping?", "Are you READY for xmas?", "Merry Christmas!", "what are YOU doing for xmas?" really gives me violent urges.

"We don't "do" xmas." is my answer.

But what really irks me? People will politely hold the damn doors for me before xmas, and the same ones will let it slam me in the face on December 26.

LL Cool Joe said...

And I thought I was the only miserable, whinging shit in blogland at the moment. Thanks for joining in the depressing fun.

Nice sewing!

G. B. Miller said...

I'm usually a victim of bad timing. There are days at work when I'm twiddling my thumbs with nothing to do, then on a day when I have a deadline to either get something done, or a series of bi-weekly reports that need be done before I do my abnormally long weekend, I get bombarded with enough e-mails and calls to gag a giraffe.

As for Christmas shopping, still haven't done it yet. I'm shooting for the long weekend to Get-R-Done.

Father Nature's Corner

Vanessa Morgan said...

So these homemade gifts are only for children under 18 then? :-)

Furry Bottoms said...

You're lucky in that you don't seem to have to watch what you say. My mother has been trying to train me to say "Phooey" instead of fuck.

But fuck feels better.

A Beer For The Shower said...

Ah yes, I suffer from the aptly named SAD and the holidays for me are always the worst. Apparently I'm not in the Christmas spirit because I'd rather spend the holidays with family instead of throwing elbows at a Black Friday sale for some cheap, BS appliance I don't want or need. Wake me up when Christmas is over!

usicdidribee titkea said...
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Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! said...

Hey Riot Kitty,

First of all, we totally ignore that robot shit at the bottom of the comment section. Besides, I'm a dog!

Depression is some kind of bizarre blessing. After all, it shows in your fucking amazing writing.

As for this season to be jolly. Get it right, Kitty, it's Boxing Day Eve, not Christmas.

One "Fuck" of a homemade gift. You are quite the talent.

I'm outta' here.


Betty Manousos said...

Nice sewing!

happy holidyas and big hugs! xoxo

Lee said...

A very Merry Christmas to you, RK. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas...relax...put your feet up...enjoy! Best wishes from Down Under :)

Riot Kitty said...

OMG, laughing, because NO, I did not make any of these for anyone under 18!

Blue Grumpster said...

I love it when you're grumpy. A sex toy party... really? I mean haha good one. Christmas shopping... wtf is there to shop?

Mike_D said...

I did actually know somebody who did do sex toy parties. After talking with her, though, probably not as pornographic as I once thought..