Friday, May 11, 2012

It gets even better

Pardon my delay in blogging, but it is crunch time with our biggest event of the year, and I am busy 1) running around, 2) answering stupid questions, 3) running around, and 4) answering stupid questions. and then there are moments of out and out hilarity (witness the Rev. V.V. Bright the Second), and this week I think I had the most bizarre and funny phone call that I have ever had at work.

Technically, a volunteer had the call. Get this: a guy calls and his wife works for one of the employers that has a team at our event.

He calls to WARN US: the team is coming dressed up as pirates!


My volunteer is trying hard not to laugh. I am only hearing her end of the conversation.

"Well, no, I don't think you have to dress up as a pirate...did you talk to the team captain? It was his idea. Oh, I see. Well, no, you don't have to dress like that, I don't think, if you don't want to. Yes, I will let them know here that there will be about 100 people dressed up as pirates. Thank you for telling us."

I kid you not. He kept her on the phone a whole five minutes.What the fuck are we supposed to do? Tell him it's OK not to want to be a pirate?

The kicker is, the team captain is a friend of mine. I e-mailed him, subject line, "Arrrr!"

He said, "I can't believe someone ruined the surprise!"

Someone who should still be in diapers, apparently.


The Elephant's Child said...

And why are pirates called that?
Because they Arrrr.
Sorry, couldn't resist. Poor diddums didn't wanna play.

LL Cool Joe said...

Okay I'd throw a wobbly if someone asked me to dress up as something female, like a waitress or something, but a pirate I could handle. As long I was allowed to bring my parrot.

Granny Annie said...

Look at it this way. Without that call you would not have posted this and we would not have laughed. More proof that pirates Arrrrr a good thing:)

wigsf3 said...

Okay, I'm not exactly sure what you do but I've got the idea that you work for the benefit of people who have mental problems.
And what better way to help them. Dress up as pirates!

Call me when this pirate fad ends. I'm sick of it. Better yet, call me when the harem fad starts. That could be fun.

G. B. Miller said...




Somebody was actually stupid enough to whine to someone who really doesn't care or has any control over the situation about having to dress up as a pirate, butch or otherwise.

Sounds like a typical day at my job.

ring, ring, ring
"Yes, I'm calling because I got this insurance bill for $250."
"What do I do with it?"
"If you still want health insurance, I strong suggest that you pay it. If you don't want health insurance, don't pay it. We'll gladly cancel your health insurance for non-payment."

And yes, that is a real conversation that I've had with employees.

Lynn said...

How funny - I guess they are guaranteeing that they will be shown on the news. :)

I wonder if the guy calling in was doing a passive / aggressive thing and hoping you all would nix the pirate get up. Hmmm.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Perhaps the Pirate King will keelhaul that barnacly blabbermouth of a swab?

Green Tea said...

What is it about pirates that makes my heart beat faster ?? :0

Matt said...

Cats and pirates everywhere. Is it agains't the rules if I wear a gorilla suit? I'm pretty sure gorillas >>> pirates.

Claire said...

Oh, that ickle lolcat! Too cute for words!

Anonymous said...

What is the deal with that man? Dressing up is fun. I would much rather be a viking, but the man should lighten up and get his costume ready. Sheesh, some people.

A Beer for the Shower said...

It's times like that I wish your volunteer could say, "I'm sorry, but you DO have to dress up as a pirate. You must wear at least one hook hand, a peg leg, and an eyepatch. It's in the employee handbook."

Logical Libby said...

I would have reached through the phone and beat him.

So, you're running around and doing what?

Shionge said...

Let's invite Johnny Depp :)

John McElveen said...

rrrrrrrrrrr rah--- A Spanish Pirate that rolled his rrrrrrr'aaaaaassssssss!

Laughing out loud!

It out to be a Swashbukling event!


Scarlet said...

He wasted someone's time AND ruined the surprise?? He should be slashed for that! ;)

strat said...

It's so cute. I wanna cuddle it.

Anonymous said...

Lookout, here come all the gay-ass pirate jokes!