Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thoughtless Thursday

No, I'm not starting a new meme - just thought it was a fitting headline for this real ad campaign in Tokyo:

That said, I may or may not have had fun at the mall* with stickers from my new favorite book:

What can I say? I'm easily amused.
*Pleading the Fifth. Also, I was with my friend's two teenagers, which might have had something to do with it.


Logical Libby said...

I would totally shop there. I don't care what they sell.

LL Cool Joe said...

Is that top photo genuine? I bet they did good business! :D

Anonymous said...

Signs seen in public that need to be "fucked" with:
- Happy Valentine's Day fuck
- McDonald's, I'm FUCKING it
- STOP fuck
- Deer fucking

Lynn said...

So that is an actual sale in Tokyo? Amazing.

Shionge said...

So funny...wigsf3 also funnier heheheh.....Imagien the tagline of JUST FUCK IT!!! ;)

Claire said...

Those stickers are awesome!

G said...

The only word that is a noun, verb, adverb, and adjective.

Life. Is. Good.

And, there is a song that was popular on commercial rock radio last year called, "High Fivin' Motherfuckers".

I shit you not.

Ranks up there with the song "Detachable Penis".

Riot Kitty said...

L: Me too!
Joey: Actually, it is!
WIGSF: Fantastic! Now I am constantly adding "FUCK" to different signs that I see.
Lynn: Yep. I would love to own one of those signs!
S: Excellent!
C: I thought so.
G: Exactly! That is why I love it so very, very much. So versatile.
I haven't heard the first song you mention, but I'll never forget DP. By King Missile no less!

Senorita said...

I love vulgar language and cuss words. I will never mature, and that's okay :)

John McElveen said...

How much is a good F*** on SALE?



Riot Kitty said...

S: Haha! Ditto.
J: Good question! You tell me, your state is full of cocks ;)

A Beer for the Shower said...

I don't know where you got this 'book,' but I may or may not need to know where you got it from.

Riot Kitty said...

ABFTS: If you may or may not need to know, it's called "Fuck the World" and you can order it on Amazon.

John McElveen said...


Riot Kitty said...

J: Yep. I said that many, many times!