Sunday, December 30, 2007

Copywriters who were real douchebags

So as funny as these old Lysol ads are, they were serious advertising!

Totally anti-female, and totally ridiculous. No matter that the copywriters are either dead, or old enough to be wetting themselves...they still piss me off! You know they were all probably written by men who didn't get any, anyway.

I'd love to come up with the anti-male counterparts...

How about these:

1. "Held in a Web of Indifference..." But Fred finally got a penis extension. So he broke through it.

2. "Please, Danielle, don't lock me out!" Dave buys her jewelry and finally starts showering and - surprise! - gets that prized blow job.

3. "Love quiz...for the man who isn't getting any."

Why does she spend the evenings alone?

*My guess is that her vibrator is better than you.*


Foster Communications said...

These make me think of that Julia Roberts movie, Mona Lisa Smile. Remember the Kirsten Dunst character how she just wanted to be a Stepford Wife? But you know, there have been ads that I look at today and think they aren't quite right either. There is a lot of man bashing today-that's not right either. I'm so glad we're in modern times, however!

vivavavoom said...

Just a theory but I am guessing all those men doing the advertising went on to support the GOP and religious right to try and take away a women's right to choose also. because you know, they know all about having a uterus.

jrwoodchuckette said...

Jessica - No kidding! In another era, I think I would have been burned as a witch.

Viva: You're so right!

Leslie said...

I read up a little more about those ads and it's downright scary! Women were urged to squirt diluted Lysol into their vaginas as a cleansing aid and even as birth control. Lots of women suffered internal burning from this.

jrwoodchuckette said...

Leslie: OMG! That is some scary shit. Why anyone would take that suggestion is beyond me.