Sunday, January 07, 2007

And a note to the spammers

How you got my e-mail is anyone's guess. I have Firefox to protect me, I don't give my e-mail to anyone except friends, and I even have a separate yahoo address for online orders IN CASE there's spam. (Somehow, you missed that one. Thanks.)

So low and behold, it turns out I am suddenly, after nearly two years, starting to get spam. Thanks to a friend's infected computer, likely, I am told, whose computer also had my address.

Well, fine. But just answer me this: why don't you spammers ever e-mail me anything interesting? I mean, I'm not even getting porn, or any invites into the latest Nigerian scam. Just the same two ads for 1) fake Rolexes and 2) diet pills.

Sorry, buckos, you've missed your market. I have no need for anymore timepieces, and I've dropped two sizes in the past three years simply by going off the pill and learning to cook.

Can't you do better than that? A penis extension ad would at least make me laugh.


leftcoastbob said...

For some reason, the only spam I get is from folks who have hot stock tips that they want to share with me.

Note to all: I invested all my money yesterday in grain futures when I bought a box of bran flakes.

Darth Weasel said...

I particularly like the little disclaimers at the bottom "this is not spam because we have included a means of ceasing receiving these" if, you know, it ever actually worked. Of course, by replying, you confirm the existence of your address and while that one might stop...25 new ones start. Some math skills there...