Thursday, March 10, 2011


Thanks to Marnie, I have a topic to write about!

I've been sick (ill, not perverse) and not thinking super clearly, hence the absence from writing.

nominated all of her blog buddies for the Versatile blogger award. Thanks!

So this involves thanking the blogger who nominated you (check), passing it on, and sharing seven "fun" facts.

I forget who already has done this post, so I pass this on to any of my blog buddies who would like to post.

Speaking of fun...I don't know how "fun" these facts are, but they're all true.

1. People ask me when I decided that I did not want children...I knew from birth. I remember having an argument at age 5 with someone who kept telling me I'd change my mind. "No, I won't!" And I didn't.

2. Before I met Mr. RK, I totally wanted to go out on a date with Michael Palin.

3. If the world ran out of cheese enchiladas, I'd probably fall down and cry.

4. As a kid, I preferred action figures to dolls. I still do.

5. I have moved nearly 30 times in my life.

6. I hate makeup.

7. My great-grandfather organized the Milwaukee Railroad and also captured Baby Face Nelson when he was a volunteer deputy sheriff in Iowa.

There you have it!


Marnie said...

I enjoyed learning 7 cool things about you. I think 5 year olds already know what they want, it's adults who try to corrupt them ;0)

Get well soon xo

Sidhe said...



Hope you're feeling better!

John McElveen said...

AWESOME!!!!! I wanted to date Michael Palin!!!! OMG!


Boonie S said...

Interesting post, but how strange that you say, "I totally wanted to go out on a date with Michael Palin".
I've never wanted a date with him....

Hope you're feeling OK now.

All the best, Boonie

ileana said...

I didn't know most of these and wow, such interesting facts! I love #7 and how does one move nearly 30 times, Chica? Wow!

Like you, I preferred action dolls, but now I'll take Cyndi Lauper and you can take Blondie and we'll play nice...and have afternoon tea with them or something. :)

G said...

#6: I can personally vouch that you look very good without makeup (a surprising amount of women don't, you know, and a suprising amount of women don't look good in any kind of makeup).

And I figured it had to be something like being sick (physically) to keep you to your own devices for the week.

Believe it or not, a quiet Mrs. R is not a very good thing to expirience.

A noisy Mrs. R is actually part of this person's cyber world "white noise".

No Mrs. R, then my routine is slightly off-centered.

Lynn said...

I'm sorry you are sick!!! Feel better soon.

A date with Michael Palin sounds unbelievably fun. :)

I don't wear much makeup - just a tad of barely there foundation and mascara. That's it. It's doesn't take a minute to put on.

LL Cool Joe said...

I don't like seeing make up on women, well only a bit.

Get well soon!

Cake Betch said...

Yaaaaa I still haven't gotten around to wanting crotch fruits of my own... starting to think that I never will. I just don't see the cost/benefit ratio of it being favorable :-)

Mama Zen said...

30 times? I don't think that I could have survived it. I hate moving with a passion!

Riot Kitty said...

I hate moving, too. Long story short, I had a parent who liked to move around.

G: Thanks! But who is Mrs. R? :)

G said...

True dat.

Mike_D said...

Michael Palin? He probably would have made you do some silly walk or argue or something...

Darth Weasel said...

definitely get well soon.

And who is Micahel Palin?

Senorita said...

I have probably moved about as many times as you AND I don't want kidlets either.

You and I could be total BFFs !