Thursday, April 03, 2008

Happy birthday, bro!

Today is my "older" younger brother's 29th birthday. (I also have a 12-year-old brother and 7-year-old sister, who are also in this picture, which was taken last year.)

I am hoping this year will be the year that his excellent writing and hard work will pay off in the form of the great American book contract, so he can be the great American novelist...

In the meantime, he is loving up my little sibs part-time (and just about all of the time, actually) and slaving away at the computer. Tonight he is at a My Chemical Romance Concert with my dad, and they're probably the only two there who are old enough to drive ;)

He is pretty patient with all of our quirks (mine especially), willing to listen anytime someone needs to bend his ear, willing to read something anytime I want feedback. And he did the kick-ass illustrations for my children's book.

Happy birthday, Nik!


Darth Weasel said...

speaking of which...any news on Blackjack?

Foster Communications said...

Happy birthday to the older younger brother!!!!

And can I just ask how cool is your dad to be going to a My Chemical Romance concert??

Green tea said...

Happy belated birthday to your little Little Bro.
Be sure to let us know when he is published, and how about your children's book?
Where can I find it??

Riot Kitty said...

Gigi: I am sending out my kids' book to agents...hoping to get it published! Thanks for asking :)