Sunday, December 10, 2006

No one's business but their own

A friend of mine saw the headline in the local paper and did a double-take.

No, she wasn't reading the National Inquirer!

"Dick Cheney's Lesbian Daughter Pregnant."

The story I read online quoted all kinds of pro- and anti-gay groups, who had been invited by journalists to comment on the very personal lives of Mary Cheney and her partner, Heather Poe.

What the fuck? First of all, journalists who do those kinds of stories make ALL OF US journalists look bad. (I may be a freelancer, but I am still insulted!)

Secondly - who gives a shit? Why is a pregnancy anyone's business besides the family involved?

Granted, there are small items in celebrity press when a famous person is expecting, gets hitched, etc. But to play up the fact that Cheney is a lesbian, and then call political groups all over the country to yap about it, is just yellow journalism.

In these articles, anti-gay groups lamented that this child-to-be would "grow up without a father." Yeah, having two loving parents who really want the kid is a travesty, isn't it? How sad!

Pro-gay groups went out of their way to say that Poe won't have any rights as a parent because the couple lives in Virginia, which has some of the toughest laws against domestic partnerships in the nation. Good point, but what the hell is it to them? HRC was just about the only one that said anything worthwhile and impersonal, which was that this was an example that all kinds of familes make up America. (Note to self: glad to be volunteering for a group that didn't make an ass of itself!)

Let these people enjoy parenthood in peace! It's no one else's affair.

Oh, yeah, and call the Associated Press - I'm going to have sex with my husband tomorrow.

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Darth Weasel said...

I am just still stunned at the people who see political fall-out for Bush. Okay, he has many, many political problems...but isn't that kind of like someone finding a finger in some food at Wendy's and saying "Well, you can expect McDonalds stock prices to fall"?